01 мая 2019

Языки пламени или космическая станция. Cамые удивительные проекты реконструкции шпиля Нотр-Дама

Власти Франции объявили международный архитектурный конкурс на реконструкцию крыши Собора Парижской Богоматери. Премьер-министр Эдуард Филипп сказал, что, возможно, «‎здание получит шпиль, отвечающий новым технологиям и требованиям времени»‎. Условия участия пока оговариваются, но пользователи уже предлагают свои варианты: от стрелы, устремленной в небо, и до классических витражей.

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"Our proposal for the restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral is to use one element that it has the best, the stained glass.
Make all the cover in stained glass, including the tower, with transparency to the inner side, through the opening of the vaults, leaving only the structures flying buttresses.
In Gothic there is the connection of the earth to the sky, and inside the Cathedral, the natural illumination multiplies in colors through the filter of the cover in stained glass.
At night the inner illumination turns into a grandiose retro backlit coverage.
A single element used, stained glass. No new architectural features, no intervention elements (redesign), no ego, no artistic aspirations.
Only a religious purpose!
Whatever the choice of this restoration, may God enlighten the "Notre Dame", preferably in a stained glass cover
Amen." Alexandre Fantozzi is not intervention, "redesign", is restoration!
It is not competition of better 3d render, it is only idea of restoration project @notredamedeparis @pontifex_es @alexandre_fantozzi
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How can we re-build the past for a new future. Full Article on BD Architecture 'As a French artist and architect, the process of restoring one of our most sacred and historic landmarks raises few questions in my mind – and a hasty rebuild isn’t the right answer to any of them. Today the French architecture board website reads, ’Heritage, ancient or contemporary, is a revealing and structuring element of our culture, and we must inculcate ourselves to keep alive these markers but also built today the markers of our time’.Ultimately, I trust in France’s cultural core and its decision makers to have the audacity to move forward while retaining The Lady’s timeless image. I can only hope the project will be humble but innovative, delicate, beautiful and engaged,created by highly skilled people around a common table. ' Image by : www.bnutsvisual.com #notredame #paris #architecture #cgi #visual #whathappennext #imagination #ideas

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